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Insurance Broker Process Improvement

Bloomsbury uses predictive analytics to improve client retention in the commercial insurance industry

With multifaceted experience in the insurance industry, Bloomsbury can direct actuarial and quantitative analysis to improve insurance broker client retention.  Data analytics and predictive modeling can contribute to the bottom line when applied to process improvement as it relates to developing stronger client relationships.

Overview of Services

  • Use of predictive modeling to improve client retention strategies

  • Selection of pertinent qualitative and quantitative data to be used in predictive modeling strategies

  • Proactive and tactical approach to developing new client relationships

  • Use of data instead of resources to improve client retention and acquisition rates

  • Evaluation of predictive modeling information to establish customized client management strategies

Representative Engagements

  • National insurance brokerage:

  • Supported due diligence analysis of 5 insurance brokerage acquisitions with transaction values up to $100 million:

  • Developed an enterprise risk analysis tool to identify areas of misallocated capital

  • Provided key managerial and technical expertise

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