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Regulatory Support

Bloomsbury has an extensive knowledge base in the public sector

With experience assisting multiple government agencies, Bloomsbury is well-positioned to provide regulatory expertise in the capacity of claims management, operational restructuring, underwriting and alternative risk finance.

Overview of Services

  • Advise and design state sponsored self-insurance funds

  • Holistic risk management advisory for government agencies

  • Provide process and operational improvement support to lower costs and increase efficiency

Representative Engagements

  • Texas Department of Insurance:

  • State Louisiana Office of Risk Management:

  • Strategized a business risk proposal for the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association based on proposed legislation

  • Provided oversight and guidance for an operational restructuring of claims management

  • Restructuring engagement resulted in an estimated savings in excess of $8 million​

  • Performed a cost reduction analysis related to hurricane and windstorm exposure

  • Implemented a self-insured fund to mitigate contractor costs and losses from naturally occurring events

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