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Small Business Support

Bloomsbury offers Fortune 500 level financial and operational guidance to the small business sector

With years of corporate merger and acquisition experience, Bloomsbury is able to assist small to medium-sized business owners with financial and operational support, including guidance on various divestiture strategies.  We leverage our corporate and small business experience to assist in the preparation and execution of any number of strategic objectives.

Overview of Services

  • Valuation of business and assets

  • Preparation of sales deliverables and reporting templates

  • Economic forecasting

Representative Engagements

  • Designed presentation and reporting templates for an IT consulting firm

  • Authored various public articles opining on economic perspectives

  • Develop valuation estimates comprehensive of assets, revenues and earnings multiples

  • Create discounted cash flow models to support valuation analysis​

  • Develop customized content for prospective buyers and potential clients

  • Content development includes: detailed presentation decks, website architecture, and supplementary advertising materials

  • Analysis of current economic conditions

  • Economic-based business strategy guidance

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